Our Vision

black ingenuity driving innovation in tech

black ingenuity driving innovation in tech

Together, we envision a future where more Black tech professionals are designing products and leading innovation in tech. A future where Black people are thriving in a tech ecosystem that inspires them to develop better solutions and services that achieve better outcomes for all. And a future where Black people are building fulfilling, lucrative, and impactful careers in tech.

Our goal is to double the number of Black+ developers in tech, by 2030.

Our mission

Tech Equity Collective accelerates Black innovation working alongside community and industry partners to unlock opportunities for aspiring Black professionals in tech.

Scaling Tech Pathways

Tech Equity Collective helps scale proven pathways into tech and create culturally-informed new pathways for aspiring Black tech professionals.

Convening the Community

Tech Equity Collective unites the tech industry and Black community organizations around empowering and engaging Black innovators.

Championing Black Genius

Tech Equity Collective celebrates Black innovation and its potential through experiences and resources that have been curated to demystify tech and develop talent.

Tap In With The Collective

Stay connected to Tech Equity Collective (TEC) to learn more about upcoming programs, experiences and resources in tech.

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